Do I Need a Professional to Install a Mini Split?

Technician Adjusting a Mini Split Air Handler

Mini Split Installation

Are you considering a new air conditioning system? One option you have available is a mini split AC installation in Granbury, TX.

With these ductless air conditioning systems, you can install a system that cools a whole home or business or you can install one for a single room or section of the building. While the systems are ductless, it’s best that you enlist professionals to install them. Professionals will be able to best handle the refrigerant lines and high-voltage electrical lines that are needed for installation. In some cities and states, only licensed contractors can install refrigerant lines. Check local building codes and ordinances, especially about permitting requirements.

If you’re looking for someone to install a mini-split system, you can always rely on the experts at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating. Set up an installation appointment by calling 817-579-9377.

How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

In most cases, a professional mini split AC installation can be completed in one day. Of course, installation times could vary, especially if you’re installing several units at one time. You may need to install more than one indoor unit. This depends on how many rooms you’re cooling and the size of your home or business.

What are the disadvantages of mini split ACs?

While ductless ACs are energy efficient, they do have their disadvantages. Here are a few caveats about installing mini splits:

  • They tend to cost more when installed. That’s because you might need more than one indoor unit.
  • They often take up more space than central heating and air.
  • They don’t cool as well in areas with low ceilings or if the room is oddly shaped.
  • For repairs, they must be removed from the walls.

What are some advantages of mini split AC installation?

Although ductless systems can be expensive to install, they also have advantages over traditional central heating and air.

Here are some of those advantages:

  • They are usually easier to install than other systems because they don’t require ductwork.
  • You’ll save on utility costs because they are more energy-efficient than central heating and air units.
  • They are an excellent option for smaller spaces like apartments or condos.
  • The units are generally less expensive than full central systems.
  • They are fully electric and will help with indoor air quality because they do not use fossil fuels that can release toxic fumes inside the home.

How much does it cost to install a new mini split?

While prices will vary on a mini split AC installation, the average cost is around $3,000, including labor. Smaller units may cost less. Some might be as low as $2,000. Larger units with multiple connections can cost up to $14,500 or more. Again, costs will vary from region to region and by availability.

Do mini splits use a lot of electricity?

As mentioned above mini splits are generally more energy efficient than central air conditioning. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, mini splits with zoning systems can save you as much as 30% on your energy bills. The lack of ductwork helps you save on electricity.

Mini splits also do not generate heat. Instead, they transfer heat, which helps make them more energy efficient.

Plus, because you can connect as many as eight indoor air handler units to one outdoor unit, you can set up heating and cooling zones within your home. Different parts of the home can be set to different temperatures. This will save money because you’ll use less energy.

Do mini splits add value to your home?

While initial installation costs can be high for mini splits, they can prove a great return on investment down the road. They are, of course, very energy-efficient systems, which means you’ll save on utility bills. These systems are also long-lasting. While you might have to replace a central air conditioner after about 15 years or so, mini-splits last about 20 years, so you’ll save on replacement costs as well. So, in these two areas, mini splits will add value to your home.

You also get the added value of being able to adjust temperatures room by room. Each air handler has its own thermostat. You can save money by not running the system in every room. You’ll also be able to adjust comfort levels for every individual in the home.

You can also install mini splits alongside your conventional heating and cooling system. In this case, you might use it to cool an addition to your home or help adjust the temperature in a room that won’t stay at a consistent temperature with the rest of the house.

How many rooms does a mini split cool?

In general, a mini split can cool one room, a whole house, or something in between. But, to cool your whole house, this means you will have to install an air handler in each room. This is often what makes initial installation costs so high. But, you can normally connect up to eight air handlers to an outdoor unit.

Of course, how many air handlers you will need might vary depending on your structure’s layout. Some homes or businesses have a layout that is structured in ways that might only require one air handler to cool multiple rooms.

While most mini splits are ductless, in some instances, you can elect to have some ductwork installed that can vent air from one room to the next without having to install an air handler in each room.

Usually, though, you will need an air handler for each room that you want to heat or cool.

Mini Split AC Installation Near Me

Want to save money on your heating and cooling bills? One option is a mini split AC installation in Granbury, TX. These systems are highly energy-efficient and long-lasting. They are also capable of cooling or heating rooms at different temperatures. If you would like to know more about this type of HVAC system or have one installed, please feel free to call our team at 817-579-9377.

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